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Brushing off The Dirt :- The most satisfying part of a cleaning task is when the whole project is done up to our liking and approval.

Similarly cleaning the glass panes and giving final touches to the French windows is equally gratifying. However, before you go hammer and tongs; get the blinds detached, curtains removed, check the window frame, sill and the tracks for cobwebs and other debris. A screw driver with cloth napkin can be used to flick out hard to reach oily gunk, dead insects or bugs. A small handled brush comes in handy to clear the refuse and unwanted crud from the track. In case you wish to put this task away for later, the loose dirt will become a hindrance and smear the glass while wiping with your wiping napkin.

1. Remove Ingrained Dirt:You would wish to remove the grim that has been there for years. Stop can’t guarantee that the dried-on dust from the screens don’t blow into your house when you open the windows for ventilation for the first time can you? Don’t worry, help is at hand. Vacuum cleaner brush does the job nicely. You could just run its dusting-brush attachment over from side to side, top to bottom. This method does the cleaning very fast.

2. Gleaming Glass: Simple, effortless task is cleaning and washing both sides of windows that tilt; you wouldn’t have asked for an easier task. Spray your cleaning agent on the inside of the glass sufficient enough to not drip. After a while cleanit horizontally with a lint-free cloth. Allow it to dry. Tilt the window the other side and repeat the process. Now wipe the opposite side vertically. This allows smudge and strips obvious and makes it easier to frisk clean. In contrast, for double-hung windows, which do not fold in, you could slide the bottom pane up so as to reach out and up. Clean as much as possible. Thereafter slide down the top panel to get it from above. How to clean when windows crank out or do not open at all? Rinse the outsides with a hose and clean the insides.

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Choose a Cloudy & Overcast Day: Smear and stain marks are the result of direct sun which cleans dry quickly with unwanted lines and smudge.

Select Proper Implements: Cleaning products and solutions tested by appropriate authorities are effective on any kind of cleaning. The following make perfect combo: general window cleaners available in the market, a homemade solution, few pre-moistened wipes and wiping tools. You may also include paper towel, squeegee, newspaper and microfiber cloth.

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