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Follow these simple routine to simply make your fixtures sparkle
Bathrooms are critical spots like kitchens

in a home; bathrooms have remained one of the busiest places of your house.  Busiest because everybody including the guests visit this place of importance!  You get embarrassed when the guests request to use your toilet...rather an unclean toilet due to number of foot falls.   No need to get discomfited, relax and be cool, for helps is at hand.  

Just in 15 minutes, yes in 15-minutes flat you will be surprised to have a freshly scrubbed place.

1. Take a Bag - the Easiest Way to Start Cleaning: Begin tidying the room by gathering and collecting trash accumulated in the room and dumping in the grocery bag hung on the door knob.  Take the bag and collect the used wipe out tissues, damp clothetc., and dump it after the task in each room is complete.

2. Flush Out: Pour some bleach into a bowl and brush around the sides especially under the rim. Leave it for 5 minutes to process effectively.  In the meanwhile, take up the next job.

3. Shiny Surface: Take white vinegar and water in equal amount and spray the solution onto paper towels or a microfiber cloth and wipe away soap drips and toothpaste spatters on the faucets, kitchen platform, cabinets, and mirrors and in the sink.  Impress your guests with a clean & hygienic bathroom by spraying the wonder spray.

4. Dirt collection: Run the vinegar wipe across the back of your dusty toilet flush tank and around the seat in order to disinfect it.  Flush out the bleach down the WC and maintain 100% hygiene in the washroom.

5. Simple Towel Trick: If you are drying used bath towels, easy, do not worry; just put out fresh had towels.  Short term guests and visitors prefer to use them.  You may leave the others on the cloth line.

6. Dramatic Egress: Shake out the dust and particles from the rug, door mat and bath mat by fluffing it up thoroughly in order to look as though they are vaccum cleaned. The next thing to take up is to wipe the corners of the room with dampened paper towel to get rid of hair and dust particles, which generally collect in the corners.

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