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Already tolerating the heat of Dubai, you wouldn’t want to go again in the monotonous process of ironing.

Ironing is one of those daunting tasks which most people shake off at the last moment. Some might even say- that their dryer machine does it all. So you can imagine why you get a mountain of dried and wrinkled clothes at every weekend. But when these clothes are put on it gives a shabby look to your persona. However, you will agree it is your crisp and neat clothes that make you look presentable. Of course, no one would want to go office in wrinkled clothes.

And if seriously you thought to venture in ironing them, who knows you can end up with a strong backache- only if not done properly.

So here we bring, to sum up, ironing process, such that you are ready to go get the world.


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So to start with let us first see what will you need? First, get an iron and ironing board as opposed to the usual bed method. Along with it, you will need accessories and products to help you achieve good results while ironing. Here are the things you'll need:

A clean iron, without rust or burnt starch, because that ruins clothes! an ironing board, a bit of water - preferably in a spray bottle, and some light starch if you like to use it.

So before moving to next step check label of your garment, whether it can be ironed, if not you may need to have it dry cleaned.  Here a quick tip, you can separate the pile of clothes into the three simplest, most common cases: Shirts, pants, and skirts.

As you start, first iron clothes which need low temperature and then move on to the fabrics like cotton and linen.  Keep the accessories in handy so to remove crease quickly. Gradually, as more and more clothes are ironed, you will feel relaxed. Why?

1. You are satisfied that you mastered ironing

2. It’s a relaxing technique of doing repetitive tasks with complete focus.

So, at the end keep the clothes aside so the iron will set. Voila`! You are ready to go get the world! That too without a backache. 

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