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Yes, you heard it right as, after all, baking soda is not just used for making delicious cookies & cakes.

You can also use it for the after cleaning those sticky dishes, unclog that smelly sink and what not, even for adding spark to your teeth.

In this blog, we bring experiences of our team about using baking soda as a cleaning agent. Baking soda is safer cleanser in terms of your health and can be easily found in your kitchen. What else it is economical for your budget!

# Pour on your bed

Take a pack of baking soda and sieve it evenly on your bed mattress. Baking soda is great as it absorbs dirt and moisture. So leave the mattress for some hours and see the magic happens. This type of cleaning will remove dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, dust and unpleasant odor from the mattress. At the end vacuum the mattress. Even your vacuum cleaner will get cleaning treatment!


# Clean soft furniture

You can use the mixture of baking soda with water and detergent powder for cleaning the soft furniture. Just spray some mixture on the dirty area of soft furniture and leave it some minutes. Later gently clean it with a sponge if required.  

# Remove Odor

This is the great benefit of baking soda. Whether the stinky fridge, kitty litter or smelly sink, baking soda can cut through almost anything. Keep some baking soda in the fridge overnight and morning you will see that all the stinky smell has vanished.  Sprinkle some baking soda in litter box every time you change it. This helps to keep it deodorize.

# Use in laundry

It may sound as cliché but by adding a little amount of baking soda to the laundry will give much whiter and brighter clothes. Just add baking soda to your load of laundry and your clothes will get deodorize treatment.

These are just a few tricks that can surely help you. Tell us more how you use baking soda, well of course apart in cooking!

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