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Prepare for Eid

 The festival of breaking fast is coming close. And when your body and mind are in the purest form so must be your home.

 The saying as it goes “A clean home is a happy home” positively matches the spirit of this festival. Many of you will find yourself spending a little more time at home rather than usual. The festival brings together people and the blessings that remind us the importance of friends and family in our life. It is the greatest festival, but the cleaning part sucks!

With a daylong fasting, it is not an easy task to make your house ready on your own in Ramadan. But there are several small tasks for every day that can make a huge difference in the cleaning mission.

#First: Spend every day fifteen minutes on de-cluttering your space, this way you will feel less exhausted and not burned out in the process. You can sort out the object on the basis of their condition. As Ramadan is a great time for donation, you can give away these things in Zakat instead of throwing them away.

#Second:  You must keep your fridge fresh and clean, by washing it thoroughly with soap and water. First, remove the items which are expired and place a bowl of baking soda to get rid of the foul smell. Next thing you need to do is to stock it up and be prepared in advance for the feast.

#Third: If any of the above is not possible on your part, you can always hire a professional cleaning agency that will save a lot of time. Cleanliness transforms your house into the home and makes it have a sense of affection and love associated with it. During Ramadan, you will have several other chores to be competed beside merely sweeping and cleaning the rooms and items, things have to cook,  washed, ironed, folded, arranged, decorated.  All these jobs like preparation for Iftar party, arranging and decorating your space for the upcoming celebration takes away your energy and time.

 So let us do the stuff, while you concentrate on several other chores. After all professional maids cleaning services are the right personnel for doing the house cleaning services during Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr in Dubai. So get your home ready for the fun-filled festival and the feast with little help from us!

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