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House Clean Dubai

House cleaning in the emirates is made simple by the maid service available. Hiring maid service in Dubai is fairly practical and affordable option.

There are lots of confusions about choosing a cleaning expert. Here are the guidelines you need to follow while you are thinking to hire a house cleaning maid service in Dubai.

    What are the services included in the package?

Normally, a cleaning agency in Dubai will cost between 30 AED to 45 AED per hour. Regular house cleaning service requires less time but may require more intense work later. A deep cleaning service take longer time, needs specific chemicals & tools, and a professional maid like us to complete the job, saving your time!

    How will you gain access to my home?

Options are available to gain access to your home for cleaning session. You have to make sure that these options are comfortable to both you and the agency.

We at CTC maids, have a cleaning session booking system in such a way that gives you the ease to choose cleaning session as per your availability. The maid arrives at your house on time so that you can treat yourself with a clean house!

    Do you conduct a background check on employees?

A reputable cleaning services agency always performs background checks on all of their employees. We always ensure the safety of our customers by allowing them to know who is entering their home. At the same time, we tell you whether the same maid will be sent to your home next time.

So these were the questions you need to ask before booking a cleaning agency for monthly house cleaning.

On the other hand, if you are to host a special event or a house party you need to schedule a special occasion cleaning and transform your house into a crystal-clean place.

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Care Takers Cleaning Company - is a group of well-seasoned maids that provides the best quality cleaning services. Caretakers are now swiftly growing. Over the years our cleaning services Dubai receives a positive feedback from the clients. Havingan adequate knowledge and experience in cleaning services we ensure that we will meet our client's expectation.

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