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After a tiring office work, it feels refreshing just to open the window and let some fresh air come in.

 As you open the window, you may feel good and notice dust & grime that have built over there for month. It is high time for you to start cleaning the surfaces so as to enhance your office environment inside out. To clean such deep grimes you need deep cleaning rather than the regular cleaning.

You can create a weekly schedule for cleaning your office spaces. Apart from weekly cleaning, you must clean walls, paintings, office kitchen, plants & greenery, and other small areas fortnightly which are not included in the weekly plan.

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Here are some tips to check the following areas that likely need a deeper cleaning.

Picture frames

The classic pictures hanging on the wall needs gentle dusting and wipe on the glass frame with a clean cloth.

Wall, ceiling tiles & ceiling fan blades

Run a hand to the walls those located behind doors & other areas. If your office is having an acoustic ceiling, make sure to ask to clean it. You will be surprised to see dirt it accumulated all these days. Another important place worth looking is the ceiling fan blades home for glued dirt.     

Behind printers & copy machine

The high-quality printers in your office prints number of pages leaving tiny particles behind that stay there long time until next cleaning session. Don’t ignore to these tiny spaces to clean before it makes any damage to the machine.

Office Kitchen

If there is the dirtiest place in office it is this place. Often we ignore to look behind the refrigerator and under the microwave. These are the home place for the germs. Other places to include in the cleaning session are the baseboard, vents, staircases, switch plates and doorknobs, upholstery, chairs, cabinets, tables, and other furniture.

Another way is to book a deep cleaning session for your office with CTC maids. We offer session based maid service for your office in Dubai.


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